About Jeff T: He has a passion for music and the arts, most specifically, original music. The genre isn't as important as is the music be from independent, underground and emerging artists, His first form of support for these artists came when he was coincidentally invited to do a radio show for a local internet station nearby his home. he quickly figured out that he wanted to play independent artists and has been doing so for 2 years now.  


He has TWO shows currently, The Tuesday Pump Session is his first "baby" that has over 100 episodes and airs now 7pm eastern, 6pm central time and runs 2 hours plus weekly. This is on FRONT ROW RADIO. Indie Rock Revolution Mondays 7pm Est 6pm CDT.


He started a second show which airs on Front Row, after meeting Tattoo Babii. This show has quickly become a big passion for him as this station is primarily rock and much heavier which he has always loved heavy music. Once starting here and finding such a need for a show that plays independent rock, his newest project for radio became The Indie Rock Revolution runs on Front Row 5 pm eastern to 7 pm eastern on Sundays, where bands are firing shots "musically speaking" by allowing him to play their music as a way help take down the mainstream media agenda of playing the same few songs multiple times per day. 


Once he realized that he and Tattoo Babii had very similar passions for independent artists, they started teaming together for a podcast and he also took pages from her book on making videos where he opens and models band merch in an attempt to get these bands more attention and potentially help them sell some of their merchandise. 


The rest is history, and the future is still materializing.