Once a month we will be doing 

a special edition rock in and rock out episode.

We need your music!!!! So please email one of the following to put your music in a category. 

Please put what episode in the subject line when sending.




Months and Episode 

April- Black out neon party, all bands that have the word black in them. 

May- Rap/Hip-hop edition

Rhythm Beats.

June- Woman Fronted bands

Rock n ladies 

July- Trash metal 

Thrash or Trash 

Aug- Punk Week 

What's up Punk.

Sep- we are taking a break.

oct- Death Metal 

Bring back the dead! 

Nov- thankful week.

Play our most Supportive bands. 

Dec- best bands of the year 

Thats a wrap.


All other Sundays are normal Indie music of our picks. Always welcome to Send in your music for any Sunday.