Welcome to Tattoobabii23s chaos train.......

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Joe Booe
a day ago

Hey TB, it’s Joe Booe, singer for Reign of Fire, VoodooMirage, Shadowband, Joe Booe and The Dog, 7 Months and StrictNine, how can I get you my music for your new gig at Front Row radio?

matthew kelley
a month ago

This lovely lady can line up a list like u wouldn't BELIEVE!!!!
All Props, all day!!!! Keep rockin... we cant thINK without INK!!!! GET IT GIRL!!!

a month ago

Thank you TATTOO BABBII for supporting all of us little guys!

Hunter Beutow
a month ago

Thank you for all you are doing for the rock and metal community, getting people's name out there and exposing some really awesome original music people otherwise wouldn't hear \m/

Russ Z.
2 months ago

Killer show tonight, Tattoo Babii! Had a good time listening through to all the great bands on Rock Dive. Keep the shows coming. Thanks!

Patrick Laird
2 months ago

I can't believe I met someone like you . you are the real deal whole package. Love your show

2 months ago

Hi, I'd like to submit some music from my band. Could please get in touch via email.


2 months ago

All I can say is WOW. Tattoo came into the rock world and shook it. I want you to know Baby you are what all of us rockstars dream of. You’re beautiful inside and out. I love buying your magazines. I love hearing your voice on the radio. You have got to give yourself more credit. Gracelessly THANK YOU for everything you give this world. Ps. Michael is a made up name. Good luck figuring this out hehe.

Shay Irvin
2 months ago

I love her and what she's got going on. I told her that she's gunna go far in life and now look at her. Going places she ain't never been before!! Much love girl!!

Amanda Hodel
2 months ago

Tattoo Babii's radio shows and podcast rock. You need to check them out.

Jeff T and Tattoo Babii live on the Radio talking about influence AND BAGWORM concert.

Tattoo babii and jeff T rock the media with awesome support by playing Indie rock and mainstream music in multiple ways like the podcast and their own radio station.


Tattoo Babii Has two shows in the week. 

The Rock Dive and Rise up with Tattoo Babii. She plays music on her own radio station Front Row Radio. Join in on the fun of Tattoo babii's train of chaos. 



 Tattoo BabiiTattoo Babii (Tattoo baby) Supports her local music by attending Live events around her town. Also Having her live broadcast on Front Row Radio giving unassigned artist air play and signed artists more air play. She loves giving the people some new tasteful music and bringing in all Rock Bands.

Her Music Ranges from 90s to Death metal. The Harder the better. Her Shows are On Front Row radio on Live365.com 

She Is also a Model for Working Tattooed beauties. Where She has Been Published in Multiple Magazines including some with Band merch. Thanks to her awesome Photographer Taylor England of TE Photo. She is also the Front cover On GRIMROCKS ALBUM You Can contact her for Modeling and sending merch or sending in TUNES to her Email babetattoo98@gmail.com


Jeff T- Jeff supports All indie Music. You can catch his Tuesdays for your Tuesday Pump session 7pm est. Also Catch INDIE Rock revolution Sundays at 5est. IF you want to send him merch or some TUNES you can email him at Jefft275@gmail.com





Interview with Tattoo Babii and Jeff T.

We want to know more about you and your music. Join us for a Review on your music to show everyone what you are all about. 

Front Row Radio

We love showcasing local and independent talent giving bands a platform to share their music and stories on FRONT ROW RADIO. 


Need someone to model your merch or a magazine looking for a model. She is Also the Cover of GrimRocks Album GR5. multiple Published in Magazines and more!

Ready to Rock?