Tattoo Babii and Jeff T are now proud Owners of their own Radio station Called Front Row radio! Loud and proud. You can listen to us on Front Row Radio.

If you are listening out of country this is the link you need to use : Front Row radio

IF you are a band wanting air play on our station you can Send in your MP3 tracks and album art to

The Rock Dive- 

Tattoo Babii loves to DIVE right into the night

with bad ass Rock music. She Starts hard and ends slow.

You can join her on Wednesday nights

at 7pm/central and 8pm/eastern.

TO give you one Diving Deep Show. 


The Indie Rock Revolution

is a movement.

Where we are attempting to get a reset

in the music/radio industry where

independent artists are getting their

music into accepted into more

mainstream stations. I'm having my

favorite indie finds, fire proverbial shots in

this revolution in the form of their music/songs.

On Sundays 5 pm Eastern 4 pm central  


Grab your coffee and keep your Morning Wood. 

Tattoo Babii's Rock Hard Show is ready to Rock your world.


Also Giving you the most Ridiculous news of the week.

Tattoo Babii has her LIVE Rock show every SATURDAY morning at 1030 am central time 1130 am East. 


Tattoo Babii and Jeff T have 1 hour shows every day of the week for their play picks of the week. 

Tattoo Babii show times- 7 am central to 8 am central. Every Morning. 


Jeff T show times are every evening at 3pm eastern to 4pm eastern.

Jeff T has also MOVED his PUMP SESSION to FRONT ROW so you can now hear that every TUESDAY at starting at &pm east. until he is all the way PUMPED up!

Make sure and tune in when you can and support your Indie stations!!!!

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