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Each song is a journey of itself - Faceless Objects combines classic Stoner Metal with elements of Doom Metal, HipHop, Rock or Punk. Unusual, incisive rhythms are drawing the listener into a new world. An elementary part of the music are psychedelic sounds which carry off into other spheres and move you into trance. Faceless Objects was founded by Mike Seed and Ella Baphomet in 2020. Since the very beginning all work from compostion and production as well as video production and promotion is done by just the two of them. Since 2023 Faceless Objects is complete as a band and ready to take the listeners on a music journey live as well. The debut album "Confused" is like a book in which each song represents a chapter - each song also has its own Official Music Video on YouTube. Faceless Objects is telling a story but leaves the listener enough room to find themselves and their own experiences in the music. With almost 180.000 views on YouTube, more than 8000 Followers on Facebook as well as airplay and interviews on more than 40 radio stations worldwide (especially USA, UK, South Africa and Europe) Faceless Objects aren't just known far beyond the borders of their own country - they are also looking at a constantly growing fan community. Check out their website{ FACELESS OBJECTS }

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Mark( podcaster )
a month ago

These guys are SICK! wow. Congratulations to you guys.

a month ago

Great stuff from INNOCENTS TORN and awesomeness that there is a band of the month award!!! I want one too! Goals to work towards ❤️🤘

2 months ago

Great recording! Definitely a vibe - nostalgic feels!

Tattoo Babii
2 months ago

Congratulations thru it all for being band pick of the month for the month of april2024🤘🏻